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Wednesday, July 29, 2015
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Why Michigan's Gold Coast?

Michigan's Gold Coast is designed specifically for smart phones and the way people interact with them.

This includes:
  • Lightning fast access
  • Minimal clicks to results
  • Designed for small screen
  • Designed for thumb navigation

Far more than your website ever could, Michigan's Gold Coast lets users comfortably and naturally get the information they want about your business with speed and ease, all from their phone.  

Get it in the iPhone App Store!  Click the logo above!
An amazing amount of functionality in your hands!
  • Real time search
  • High speed geolocation
  • Integrated Maps and directions
  • Easily edit your business entries
  • Integrated coupon system helps drive business to your door
  • Spreads you through social media, users can "Like" you to a variety of services
  • Integrated phone functions for one touch calling
  • integrated email functions for "send to a friend" feature

Writing Your Description

Writing your company description isn't as challenging as it may seem.  A paragraph or two will do.  You should simply include the following information.


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